Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly - midterm portfolio

my ah ha moment and my best water color yet!!! i love this piece and im so proud of it for many reasons. first of all i love the way that i used the right amount of line and wash. im finally comfortable with line! also i like the way the watercolor formed on the wagon. i used more confident strokes and it turned out great. i was trying not to be so tight in this piece and it shows in the boy's hair and in parts of the wagon where my paint goes beyond the line. so tada!! my best piece :)

wow. this is my attempt to draw architecture with use of line is horrible. oh my. i do however like the blend of color between the green and the blue on the left side of my this point in my watercoloring i was not comfortable with line and i was scared of line. the only thing that is right about this piece is my perspective, but even then you cant really tell what it is. i think this was the second assignment with watercolor. so here is my worst piece. ew :(

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