Monday, December 13, 2010

FINAL PORTFOLIO! I can't believe it's over

So i guess this is my last blog :( I definatly learned a lot in this class and for a 7:30 class i actually enjoyed it! crazy i know...i have already applied what i have learned from this class to projects outside of Illustration and i hope that i will do it again..and in a business setting :) so this is farwell...but not really cause i will be around for at least 2 more years! get excited

-Rebecca Greiner

Friday, December 10, 2010

Red barn illustration
This illustration is probably in the top two of my best work. I thin I demonstrate a good use of line and wash together. I have already made a review of this piece because I used it as my best piece for my midterm portfolio. Even though this was done a while back I still think it to be one of my best pieces. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t gotten better. I just don’t think that you can beat an ah-ha moment :)

Three image gouache montage
This is my best piece so far this semester. I think the tiger reads really well. The colors make it pop out to seem 3-D. I think that if there is one thing that I could have done better with this piece is that I should have worked on the telephone more. The chord of the telephone is looser than the tiger and I feel like the overall style of the three pieces don’t match, but I like that part in a way because it makes the composition unique.  

Great Gatsby girl
I started over on this piece so many times that I can’t keep count. I do like the way that it eventually turned out. The face and skin overall looks realistic and I’m very proud of the way I constructed the hand. I did add line to this illustration, however its done on the computer…sorry Rusty, I still am afraid of drawing line L its so …permanent.

CD cover album
I enjoyed the way this turned out, but just like the Great Gatsby girl I started over a million and one times. The only illustration I did on paper was the girl, and everything else was done in photoshop. I picked this piece because I like that overall layout of the album and it reads well. If I could do something differently I would add more elements in and possibly made the background wash.

Technique drawings
There are 4 different techniques that we practiced a lot in class. Line, line/wash, wash, and line work on the computer. I picked some from each category that represent my best work on these different techniques. I picked my picture of the bike that I drew on the computer because I played with line width, line opacity, and different line textures.

  I think that my line drawings on paper are the best. It’s weird because I was so comfortable with line at the beginning of the semester…but lately I’m afraid of it!!! Anyway…I picked these drawings because they demonstrate confident mark making. On most of them I used different width strokes and I found that to be very effective. In the lake scene and the pinecone, the shading with hatching reads well.

My favorite technique is wash. I hated watercolor at first, but I guess Rusty was right, with a little practice it becomes your friend. I chose the crazy sky because it shows the way that watercolor can react with paper. It’s not necessarily done well and it’s not really a picture of anything but it’s a good example of how you can manipulate watercolor. The house is one of my earlier pieces, but I like it nonetheless. I enjoyed playing around with the different strokes that I could make with watercolor. I like the way the shadows in the house read and I think that it makes for an interesting piece.

. Lastly are my line/wash examples. I like the flower because I drew it with line first and added wash later. The wash goes beyond the line and I like the style. The hot air balloon is the opposite; I did the wash first and then added the line. It’s a lot tighter and even though I don’t like that technique I think that my balloon is a good representative for it.

I say like WAY too much in this….

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three Image Gouache Montage

i did a lot better on this than i thought i would...i found gouache tricky to work with at first, but as rusty says "practice practice practice" it got a lot better. i really love it and i think i did a good job, the tiger is awesome. rawr! the only thing i found to be difficult is the background..because i didnt know what to do with it at first, i painted the three images and then put in the green and it was tricky....doesnt look too bad....?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Product Illustration

This is my product illustration for Mary Kay lipstick. i really like the way i did the letters - marker- and the only thing that im not happy about is the fact that the black on the bottom of the tube and the lid dont blend well together. however looking at it now, it looks better when its scaled down. if i had to do anything different i would picture to illustrate...oh wait i did in the first place because i started over last minute....maybe someone else should pick an illustration for me....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly - midterm portfolio

my ah ha moment and my best water color yet!!! i love this piece and im so proud of it for many reasons. first of all i love the way that i used the right amount of line and wash. im finally comfortable with line! also i like the way the watercolor formed on the wagon. i used more confident strokes and it turned out great. i was trying not to be so tight in this piece and it shows in the boy's hair and in parts of the wagon where my paint goes beyond the line. so tada!! my best piece :)

wow. this is my attempt to draw architecture with use of line is horrible. oh my. i do however like the blend of color between the green and the blue on the left side of my this point in my watercoloring i was not comfortable with line and i was scared of line. the only thing that is right about this piece is my perspective, but even then you cant really tell what it is. i think this was the second assignment with watercolor. so here is my worst piece. ew :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Final Red Barn Brochure

this is my final layout for red barn arts and crafts festival :) i really like how it turned out....i wish i had more illustrations but i know rusty only said 2....but it looks bland so i think more illustrations might help with this....but i like it!!!!! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ah Ha!...?

These are my watercolors for the Red Barn Arts and crafts festival pamphlet. i think that i had my AH HA moment!! :) about time! im really proud of the way that i used line in all of these...i have confident mark making. also i think what made these pieces really good was that i was that i had an even amount of line work with watercolor. and i wasn't too tight :) yay for my ah ha moment!